ProDirect 5 Ton up to 14 SEER 60,000BTU Split System Heat Pump

Sale price$1,929.48


If you’re having to endure a hot house during the summer and your home turning into a freezer during the winter, it’s likely that you need to switch out your current condenser with the MRCOOL ProDirect 5 Ton 14 SEER Split System Heat Pump Condenser. Refrigerant is quickly pressurized by the scroll compressor and pumped through a piston flow control device to improve efficiency as it travels throughout your system. Stay relaxed even in rougher conditions and climates thanks to the galvanized steel cabinet and the Gold Fin® coil coating. This coating, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, stops water from sticking to the coils of your unit, protecting it completely from corrosion and rust. It also gives your system more insulation, meaning it will operate more efficiently. This ETL listed and AHRI rated system is further guarded by an excellent long-term warranty when you register it online. Feel true comfort in your home for the first time in forever as soon as you have this MRCOOL ProDirect 5 Ton split system heat pump condenser installed.

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