ProDirect 4 Ton up to 14 SEER Split System Air Handler

Sale price$1,209.57


The MRCOOL ProDirect 4 Ton 14 SEER Multiposition Split System Air Handler is the answer to every single heating and cooling issue you’ve had. You won’t have to struggle with rising bills or inconsistent temperatures once this unit’s “A” shaped evaporator coil gets to work in your home. The three-speed direct drive blower motor ensures that every square inch of your home is covered in exactly the temperature you want. The removable filter purifies air before you ever breathe it so you’re only surrounded by the cleanest and freshest air. You can even have an electric heat kit installed in this air handler for extra heating power. This air handler is protected by a corrosion resistant galvanized steel cabinet that helps your home stay comfortable by keeping your unit safe. You’ll be pleased to learn that this unit is AHRI certified and ETL listed, so you know that this air handler is high quality. When you register this product online, you’ll enjoy long warranty protection to keep you calm if anything goes wrong. Never wrestle with your thermostat or feel despair over bills once you install this MRCOOL ProDirect 4 ton split system air handler.

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