ProDirect 2 Ton up to 14 SEER 24,000BTU Split System Heat Pump

Sale price$1,209.50


There’s no shame in admitting that you need a new heating and cooling system, but there is shame in choosing the wrong system. You won’t make that mistake by getting the MRCOOL ProDirect 2 Ton 14 SEER Split System Heat Pump Condenser. The rotary compressor pressurizes and pumps the R-410A refrigerant through the system and the piston flow control device, which increases the efficiency of the system, so that your home can be at the exact temperature you want all year long. This condenser is strong enough to keep you comfortable all the time, even in the midst of rough conditions. The galvanized steel cabinet and the Gold Fin® coating work together to protect your comfort. This environmentally-friendly and non-toxic coating is able to keep your system from rusting or corroding by stopping water from staying on the coils. You can enjoy further peace of mind once you register your product online, because you’ll receive a long-term and reliable warranty. This AHRI rated and ETL listed MRCOOL ProDirect 2 ton split system heat pump condenser is the right choice when you want the best and most efficient comfort for the longest time.

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